From my point of view, Native Roots is the most efficient, most creative, and most highly leveraged way of increasing the contribution of the experience, culture, and ideas of indigenous peoples to our knowledge, understanding and appreciation of our world, and to demonstrating how we can create community and excite creative community enterprise around our common human interests.

Native Roots is an idea, a creative hypothesis, an opportunity to create connections, an intercultural contribution, and a creative community enterprise contributing to our common social interests.

Native Roots is a network of communication centres giving our native cultures the opportunity and ability to explore, learn from, and contribute to their understanding and appreciation of their cultural heritage, contribute what they have learned from their experience of the world, and contribute to creating a marketplace of opportunities for the world to explore, experience, learn, and create connections with creative contributions and contributors to the cultural and creative evolution of our world.

The idea

The idea is to develop Native Roots communication centres as cooperative, self-financing, community enterprises operating independent of the need for government, philanthropic and corporate funding but creating highly leveraged, high return opportunities for government, philanthropic, and corporate investment.

The hypothesis

The hypothesis is that we can develop a creative community enterprise by agreeing to operate beyond integrity with one another and by contributing information, ideas, stories, and opportunities to create connections, relationships, cooperative enterprise, and community around common social interests.

The opportunity

The opportunity we have is to engage with one another to create the systems, the processes, and the art of communicating across cultural differences to create opportunities to learn from our cultural differences, discover the interests and ideas we have in common, and explore and create opportunities which contribute to our cultural, social, and responsible resource development.

Native Roots gives communities the opportunity to contribute to and explore the creative experience, the cultural expression, and the creative contributions of native peoples, how native cultures see, think, and feel about the world, and how these ideas could contribute to how we see, think, and feel about the world and what we choose to do and how we choose to do things moving forward into our common future.

Roger Chilton
My Point of View

The Story